The Ace Project

Skilled Nursing Facility | Eugene, Oregon

Project Abstract:

We’ve identified communication breakdown and subsequent time waste between nursing staff as a primary stressor in our facility. The inability to locate nursing staff on the floor, and the time associated with walking the unit to locate staff is causing unnecessary delays in communication and contributing to increased wait time for patient cares.

A proposed solution is three-pronged:

  1. Implementation of a mini badge system to allow for communication with all facilitatory staff at any given moment. This will allow staff to communicate with each other without needing to walk the halls and locate each other.
  2. Installing of a new nurses station with additional storage spaces. This will allow for better organization of supplies and paper files, further reducing the time burden associated with locating files/supplies.
  3. Implementation of an employee recognition program to improve morale and overall productivity. This will help improve employee recognition, job satisfaction, with the trickle-down effect of long-term culture shifts within the facility.