RN Well-Being Project

The Oregon Center for Nursing’s RN Well-Being Project is a collaborative initiative to raise awareness of the mental and emotional toll the pandemic has had on nurses.


Oregon nurses are struggling. Individual accounts and research have shown that our nursing workforce is under more strain than ever.


Healthcare workers are showing PTSD symptoms at a rate nearly five times higher than estimates of the general population.


It takes years to become a qualified, educated, experienced registered nurse. There is a very real need to protect and retain our current nursing workforce.

In addition to compiling resources to help individual nurses access care, OCN is working on innovative solutions for employers to make systematic culture change to best support their nurses. Recognizing Oregon’s diverse and varied regions and healthcare employers, the project aims to fund projects from around the state to implement powerful changes and help Oregon’s nurses return to wellness.

Grant Opportunity

Exciting details about our upcoming RN Well-Being grant opportunity.