Oregon Center for Nursing provides a wide variety of programs serve to support, educate, and elevate nurses.

RN Well-Being Project

Motivated by the pandemic’s profound impact on nurses’ mental and emotional wellbeing, OCN’s collaborative initiative aims to help nurses get back to wellness. Join our RN Well-Being work.

Simulation Resources

As nursing education and professional development needs evolve, schools and healthcare systems are relying on simulation as an important tool for expanding program capacity and providing students and staff with stable learning environments. Learn more about our Simulation Journal Club and online community of simulation experts.

Oregon’s Outstanding Nurse Preceptors

OCN recognizes the critical role nurse preceptors play in the onboarding and retention of nursing students and residents. Meet the state’s Top Ten Nurse Preceptors.

Oregon Nurses on Boards

ONOB encourages nurses to pursue leadership roles and aims to significantly raise the number of nursing professionals across Oregon who serve on non-profit, corporate, and governmental boards. Access resources and find inspiration to support your leadership journey.

SANE Fellowship Program

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs) perform an invaluable role in providing care and advocacy for victims of sexual assault. Learn how OCN is partnering in a multi-state grant to increase access to SANE professionals.