Oregon’s Outstanding Nurse Preceptors

Nursing students and registered nurses in their first clinical roles need guidance, advice and insight to help them navigate their transition into practice. Nurse preceptors provide a critical role providing feedback, teaching hospital policies, and evaluating competencies. A strong preceptor relationship can set novice nurses on a path for a successful and long career.

While the nurse preceptor plays a critical role in the onboarding and retention of registered nurses, their role and contributions to healthcare can often fly under the radar.  Learn more about ten of Oregon’s outstanding nurse preceptors below!


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Oregon’s Outstanding Nurse Preceptors 2021

Jessie Rose Davidson St. Charles Redmond

“Jessie Rose knows how intimidating coming to a new campus can be and embraces our new employees with a smile and reassurance. The Redmond campus is a special kind of family due to our many caregivers like Jessie Rose. She not only precepts novice nurses from multiple locations, she onboards travel nurses, med-surg interns, and leads the unit and house-wide shared practice committees.”

Katey Donesky, BSN, RN Adventist Health Portland

“She gave me such a great preceptor experience, and poured so much knowledge into our time together. She always pushed me to think ahead and has amazing time management skills. She created an environment where I felt comfortable coming to her with any questions, and we problem solved together. I really enjoyed my time with her. Precepting is such a labor of love, and she 100% gave me everything and so much more. She really is such an amazing nurse and person!”

Sarah Hancock, RN Grande Ronde Hospital

“Sarah has precepted half the ICU and Med/Surg staff in the last 11 years, always willing to lend an ear to help someone problem solve a clinical situation and act as a resource to foster critical thinking. She encourages an environment of learning and collaboration. If there is a learning opportunity to be had Sarah is calling a student or new nurse to the bedside to experience it.”

Mariah Keane, RN, BSN, CCRN Legacy Emanuel Medical Center

“Mariah has completely reframed how our unit precepts, mentors, and guides our new hires. She builds schedules from day one to well beyond the end of orientation. On their first day, she meets every single new staff member in person, welcoming them to our campus and team. Mariah meets each new employee where and how they are. She is incredibly nonjudgmental, supportive, and empowering.”

Kim Langmo, RN BSN CMSRN Providence Seaside

“Kim has been an amazing preceptor to me and many other new nurses.  Kim is kind, compassionate, understanding, and very informative. Working alongside her has made my transition into nursing feel much more manageable, as I know there is people as helpful as her on the team.”

Alayna Kagawa Oleska, PeaceHealth

“Alayna possesses many qualities that make her an excellent preceptor including the ability to be flexible with different learners and understand their individual learning needs. Alayna is an amazing nurse, mentor, preceptor and an overall huge asset to our team.”

Mallory Sokol RN, CSPI Oregon Poison Center

“Mallory goes above and beyond to make sure the nurses she trains understand the material and their role. This job has an extremely steep learning curve and can be discouraging to newly hired nurses, but Mallory’s cheerful attitude and encouragement help new staff persevere through their 12 week orientation.”

Noah Washatko, RN Oregon Health and Science University

“The reason Noah has been so instrumental as a preceptor is his ability support individual learning styles through reflective debriefing and role modeling safe patient care standards that prioritize patient-centered care. Noah advocates for his new learners, identifying learning opportunities that will best support their orientation while also providing the constructive feedback and encouragement to push RNs to utilize their strengths they may be hesitant to identify.”

Echo Willard, RN Kaiser Permanente Northwest

“Every new grad RN that Echo preceptors simply thrives under her thoughtful and caring precepting. Not only does she daringly advocate for her preceptees, she provides them with learning environment that is safe but challenging,  structured but flexible, and with whole team’s support and involvement.”

Brittany Wolters, RN, BSN, CNOR Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center

“Brittany has been instrumental with on-boarding our nurse residents and experienced new hires, always advocating for their learning experiences. Orientees feel safe learning with her because she gives them space to think and knows when to jump in. Orientees appreciate the empathy and compassion that Brittany brings to every patient that she cares for and every new hire she precepts.”