Friday Huddle


Information is a critical commodity in these rapidly changing times. With a mission to facilitate research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce, the Oregon Center for Nursing has begun a weekly Friday Huddle.

Friday Huddles are designed to bring together nursing leaders and stakeholders from across Oregon to share information, data and strategies to navigate the nursing workforce through the COVID-19 pandemic.


I huddle to gain validation that my organization is not alone in our response to the COVID pandemic and to get new information to share with my department.

Melody Routley

Kaiser Permanente

I appreciate OCN doing this to provide us a platform to be informed about the unfolding details that impact our ability to operate our organizations and provide care to the people of Oregon. Thank you!

Casey Shillam

University of Portland

I like hearing what people are doing around the state and having access to different people from a variety of organizations. Student nurses are our pipeline and I also like to know what is going on in the programs.

Anne Hansen

Asante Health