• The Ace Project

    June 29, 2023

    Skilled Nursing Facility | Eugene, Oregon Project Abstract: We’ve identified communication breakdown and subsequent time waste between nursing staff as a primary stressor in our facility. The inability to locate nursing staff on the floor, and the time associated with walking the unit to locate staff is causing unnecessary delays in communication and contributing to … Read more

  • Improving Nurse Well-Being through The Five Ways Model

    Skilled Nursing Facility | Mt. Angel, Oregon Project Abstract: Rising rates of compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout among nurses at Providence Benedictine must be addressed in a cohesive, evidence-based, and intentional manner. We will use the Five Ways to Wellbeing model is a model to enrich culture, enhance mental and physical health, and … Read more

  • Implementation of a Modernized EHR System to Support the Well-Being of the Multi-Tasking Nurse

    Skilled Nursing Facility | Scappoose, Oregon Project Abstract: The nurses of Columbia Care Center (CCC), a rural Nursing Facility in Scappoose, Oregon, have identified the job stressor of consistently not being able to complete their assigned documentation duties prior to the end of their scheduled shift, leading to nurses reporting off to the oncoming nurse, … Read more

  • Force for Good Wellness Project

    Skilled Nursing Facility | Gresham, Oregon Project Abstract: Fact: Oregon nurses are struggling.  The identified stressor is Compassion Fatigue.  There is not enough energy.  Nurses are feeling overwhelmed and overworked.  By providing specific services for self-care, the RNs and the nursing support staff will have a restorative practice.  This will aid in a life/work balance.  … Read more

  • Come Safe, Work Safe, Leave Safe

    Skilled Nursing Facility | The Dalles, Oregon Project Abstract: The Oregon Veterans Home specializes in Veteran healthcare. The population served suffers from many health conditions specific to their time in the service, including PTSD, depression, substance use, TBI, Parkinson’s, etc. Many of these conditions have challenging behaviors associated with them.In addition to challenges with resident … Read more

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