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The Oregon Center for Nursing facilitates research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce to support informed, well-prepared, diverse and exceptional nursing professionals.

Supply of Nurses

Our latest supply report, infographic, interactive charts and more!

Demand for Nurses

View updated data on Oregon’s demand for nurses and vacancy/turnover rates in key work settings.

Nursing Education

Updated information on nursing education in Oregon now available.

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Growth in BSN Programs Impacts Oregon’s Workforce

The Oregon Center for Nursing’s (OCN) recently released a new report, “Trends in Oregon Nursing Education, 2012-2018,” which examines long-term trends in the state’s nursing education pipeline. “It all starts with education,” said Jana R. Bitton, OCN’s Executive...

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OCN Fundraiser Highlights Innovative Nurses

More than 125 nurses and stakeholders from around Oregon came together on October 23rd at the Oregon Center for Nursing’s (OCN) annual fundraiser breakfast at the Oregon Zoo.  The theme of this year’s event was “Innovating for Oregon.” “When people think of...

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Good Things Happening in Nursing

It’s easy to point out the challenges facing Oregon’s nursing workforce. We write about them … constantly. Extensively. Obsessively?When the focus centers on all the challenges and obstacles, it is easy to feel discouraged and think things aren’t getting...

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