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The Oregon Center for Nursing facilitates research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce to support informed, well-prepared, diverse and exceptional nursing professionals.

Nursing Workforce Research Matters

…to ensure all Oregonians have access to a quality, highly educated nurse.

Demand for Nurses

View updated data on Oregon’s demand for nurses.

Nursing Education Stats

Updated information on nursing education in Oregon now available.

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Nursing Shortage? What Nursing Shortage?

Back in 2002, when the Oregon Center for Nursing was first created, there was an evidence-based concern that the nation would be facing a potentially catastrophic shortage of nurses by 2010. When 2010 came around, as one of the only positive outcomes of the Great...

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Graduation Rates Stable, Despite Faculty Shortage

The Oregon Center for Nursing’s (OCN) newly updated infographic, Nursing Education in Oregon, shows graduations from Oregon’s nursing programs have remained relatively stable despite ongoing faculty shortage concerns.  “The number of graduates went down slightly from...

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Nurse Apprenticeships: Examples for Discussion

As communities and healthcare settings across the United States experience difficulties in recruiting and retaining nurses, many are searching for innovative solutions to fill workforce gaps. One option explored and implemented by some states is the concept of “nurse...

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