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  • Improve RN Well-Being Through Peer-Facilitated Peer Learning Circles

    April 06, 2023

    Hospital | Portland, OR Abstract Problem: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nurse well-being, with the most prevalent psychological impacts being emotional distress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms. Additionally, the pandemic has led to increased sense of social isolation and loneliness. In response, healthcare organizations have developed wellness programs aimed at these areas of distress. However, … Read more

  • Addressing Public Health Nurse Well-Being through Health Information Technology in Coos, Crook, and Jefferson Counties

    Public Health | Coos, Crook, & Jefferson Counties, OR Abstract While technology may be an increased stressor for nurses who work in a the hospital setting, the opposite may be true with public health home visiting nurses who have limited access to technology.  Our public health nurses indicated that they need access to over 100 … Read more

  • Supporting Well-Being for Nurses Who Care for the Homeless

    Ambulatory | Portland, OR Abstract Central City Concern (CCC) focuses in the complex intersection of patients experiencing a combination of the effects of homelessness, addiction and acute/chronic mental health issues. The nurses that work at CCC experience a high level of moral injury and primary or secondary trauma in the course of their work because … Read more

  • BIPOC Nurse Podcast

    Association | Statewide Oregon Abstract The trauma of racism in healthcare became an undeniable truth when Covid-19 disproportionately affected Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) in 2020. The broadcast murder of George Floyd added insult to injury for Black nurses who were already struggling with the Covid pandemic (Byers et al., 2021). Since then, healthcare … Read more

  • Employee Well-being Improvement Project

    Hospital | Hermiston, OR Abstract The specific well-being challenges this project aims to address are the consistent downplaying of personal needs and stress management in nurses and support staff. 92% of those surveyed at Good Shepherd have personally experienced or seen a coworker experience a work-related stressor in the past year. The project will contract … Read more

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