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The nursing profession is a fascinating, ever-evolving field with numerous possibilities.

Nurses promote health, prevent disease, educate communities, and advocate for patients. They provide direct care, assist providers, and help with the healing process. Nursing provides varied, interesting roles that adapt as your education, skills, and talents advance. Depending on your interest and focus, you have multiple pathways to nursing with its own benefits and requirements. Discover your passion and explore specific programs and admission prerequisites early on in your career search. 

What are my options?

With more than 100 specialties, nursing is a world of professional possibilities. Choose a program based upon category, degree requirements, or job characteristics. This quick five-minute quiz can help narrow the choices.

Nursing Degrees

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Residency and Transition to Practice Programs

Discover formal programs of active learning designed to support your progress from education to practice. 

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Professional Nursing Organizations

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