Macdonald Residence Nursing Wellness Initiative

Assisted Living | Portland, Oregon

Project Abstract:

Built in response to the needs of residents in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown neighborhoods, Macdonald Residence is home to 54 medically fragile people ranging from adults in their 40s through seniors. All are unable to live independently and require assistance with the tasks of daily living. Nurses and support staff (including direct care, nutritional services, environmental services, life enrichment, behavioral health specialists) all work together to provide 24/7 care to residents with mental and physical challenges. Through a contract with Oregon’s Department of Human Services, Macdonald Residence houses difficult to place residents with a history of, or risk for, behaviors which may present harm to themselves, other residents, visitors, and/or staff. In a fast-paced environment that is often under-resourced, caring for this population takes a toll on personal well-being and increases professional burnout.

Macdonald Residence is part of Maybelle Center, a nonprofit organization committed to disrupting social isolation and creating community in a particularly challenging area of downtown Portland. Maybelle Center has a strategic priority to support the health and well-being of our employees. With the recent addition of a People and Culture Director, we seek to provide opportunities for staff to experience job satisfaction within a workplace culture that allows them to thrive. Supporting the well-being and professional fulfillment of our nursing and support staff at Macdonald Residence is a top priority. To counter the detrimental impacts of working with a high-needs population in a busy round-the-clock assisted living setting, we seek to invest in the resources to promote workplace safety, encourage wellness, and equip nursing and support staff to prioritize their physical and mental health.