Communication and Collaboration

Leaders play an essential role in humanizing the workplace. One such way is to build social capital through empathetic communication and compassionate action. (1,2)

Nurses would benefit from leaders who:

  • Show patience and acceptance for diversity (2,3)
  • Show sincere consideration for others as humans beings with specific needs (2)
  • Value the individual person (3
  • Lead with empathy and compassion (3
  • Actively listen to concerns without judgement or bias (3,4)
  • Encourage staff to utilize their personal abilities (3
  • Show respect and understanding (3
  • Find solutions to problems through collaboration (3
  • Consistently Recognize individual contributions (3
  • Focus on efficiency, rely on evidence, and are transparent (3
  • Demonstrate a genuine focus on the well-being of others (2)
  • Build an inclusive community with social engagement. (2)

Leaders who build social capital, build trust and credibility. (2)


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