RNWB Work System and Labor Redesign

  • Building Trust Through Supportive Culture

    October 05, 2022

    Building trust is essential to the health and well-being of employees which impacts the health and well-being of an organization (1). Trust can be intentionally built into the culture and supported by the structural design of labor models in the following ways: Implementing strategies to: Recognize nurse contributions in meaningful and timely ways (2,3,4)  Recognize … Read more

  • Wellness/Embeddedness Supports

    Individualized and focused initiatives to both strengthen job embeddedness and address multiple areas of well-being are important. At minimum, there are basic needs that organizations can consider: (1) Access to whole person supports (medical and mental health benefits, housing stability, child-care support, etc.). (1) Access to paid sick leave, vacation, and mental health leave with … Read more

  • Effective Labor Models and Workload Management

    The pandemic uncovered the deep-rooted lack of wellness for nurses, which lies within systemic issues such as heavy workloads, poor collaboration, and communication that often hinder a nurse’s ability to provide quality patient care (1,2). Alterations in the development of education, labor, and management models can greatly improve wellness. Some things to consider are: References:

  • Building Workforce Communication & Relationships

    Work systems designed around relational coordination (communicating and relating for the purpose of task integration) not only increase efficiencies but have been known to improve the well-being of nurses in all practice environments. (1) Steps that can be taken to drive positive results are: References:

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