Care for the Caregivers: a Holistic Approach to Wellness for Hospice and Home Health Nurses

Hospice | Bend, Oregon

Project Abstract:

The Care for the Caregivers project proposed by Partners In Care is a vital initiative aimed at increasing the well-being of hospice and home health nurses, reducing burnout, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. This system-level environmental intervention addresses the high levels of stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue experienced by nurses by offering a series of inclusive wellness workshops and a wellness stipend. These resources aim to enable nurses to prioritize self-care and increase their well-being activities to prevent the negative impact of stress on their mental and physical health.

The project’s implementation across 10,000 square miles of Central Oregon, including low-income and rural areas with limited healthcare providers, emphasizes the project’s critical nature. Measured through staff engagement, attendance at workshops, and survey data from nurses, the project’s success will be assessed continuously, with feedback collected to evaluate effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. By creating a sustainable and supportive work environment, the Care for the Caregivers project will improve nurse well-being, reduce burnout, improve patient outcomes, and support the holistic needs of its employees.