Strengthening Nursing Voices: Intergenerational Leadership Development

Education | Newberg, OR


George Fox University College of Nursing and the Interprofessional Primary Care Institute are proposing an 18-month intergenerational leadership development program to address occupation-related moral injury in Oregon nurses. Our solution to occupation-related moral injury is to strengthen the voices of Oregon nurses who work in academic nursing programs and clinical settings. Through original research and lived professional experiences of nurses in our programs, our nurses identified disempowerment at the root of occupation-related moral injury. We have developed a novel intergenerational leadership development program that leverages evidenced-informed methods, including relational and transformational leadership, Lean and Six Sigma, interprofessional education, and contextual behavioral science to improve the well-being of Oregon nurses. We engaged experts in these evidenced-informed methods. Our experts have assisted in our novel curriculum development. Each expert has also agreed to present content and support participants as a relational leadership team member during our 18-month pilot program period. Our cohort training model intentionally develops an intergenerational nursing community through ten experiential Leadership Cafes, identification and exploration of personal strengths and personality, and access to individual leadership coaching and mentorship. Our program will be open to nurses and nursing students connected to George Fox University Nursing Program (faculty, preceptors, alumni and students) or to the Interprofessional Primary Care Institute (Yamhill Community Care Network and other connected health centers). This proposed intergenerational leadership program will be housed at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. It will be accessible to participants both in-person and online (synchronous-hybrid).