Oregon Center for Nursing Publishes Statewide Wage Study of Oregon Nursing Workforce

The report is the first comprehensive look at Oregon nursing wages compared to practice setting, geographic location, cost of living, and more

Portland, Ore. — April 1, 2024 — The Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN) today published the findings of its landmark report, How Much Do Oregon’s Registered Nurses Earn? The 2023 Oregon Wage Study. Comparing reported wages of registered nurses (RNs) against a comprehensive set of state-specific criteria, the research provides the first look into the economic well-being of Oregon’s nursing workforce.

Previously available data from the Oregon Employment Department or the U.S. Bureau of Labor provide only generalized salary rates. The Oregon Registered Nurses Wage Study breaks apart Oregon nursing wages at every level, including position, practice setting, longevity, education, and the cost of living in geographic regions across the state. 

Highlights from the report include:

  • The median wage of an RN working in Oregon is $54.63 per hour.
  • Acute care nursing professionals earned more on average ($58.25 per hour) than their non-hospital counterparts ($47.55 to $53.52 per hour, depending on the practice setting).
  • Nurses holding a baccalaureate degree typically earn $3 more per hour than associate degree-prepared RNs.
  • RNs practicing in rural Oregon tend to earn higher “real” wages than nurses in the Portland metro area.

“This is information that healthcare leaders have not had before. The data is essential as we begin peeling back the layers of salary disparities and inform the current and future conversations happening around the economic valuation of Oregon’s nursing practice,” explains OCN Research Director Dr. Richard Allgeyer.

OCN’s research was conducted between November 16 and December 8, 2023, with a total of 1,807 responses from RNs currently living and working within the state. The study, How Much Do Oregon’s Registered Nurses Earn? The 2023 Oregon Wage Study is available in full at oregoncenterfornursing.org

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