Meet Our 2022 Outstanding Nurse Preceptors

Celebrating Nurse Preceptors Across Oregon in 2022

Each year, the Oregon Center for Nursing recognizes and honors the critical role our nurse preceptors play in the next generation of nursing professionals. These dedicated professionals offer feedback, teach hospital policies, and evaluate competencies. A strong preceptor relationship can set novice nurses on a path to a successful and long career. Meet ten of Oregon’s outstanding nurse preceptors, nominated as our Outstanding Nurse Preceptors for 2022!

Lindsay Earp
Grande Ronde Hospital

“Lindsay has been a solid, motivated and caring preceptor for our new ED staff. What makes Lindsay such a great preceptor is that she has a humble heart. She is often heard saying, ‘I don’t know, let’s look it up.’ This allows the new graduate to fully understand they aren’t expected to know everything and there is always a resource. She advocates for her partner and encourages them to be independent.”

Tracy Holliday
St Anthony Hospital

“Tracy demonstrates passion and energy related to precepting. Her motivation is contagious, and the importance of precepting as the pivotal part of onboarding and retaining staff is exemplarily. Tracy is the model for other nurses to emulate how to be an effective preceptor. She recently became our Clinical Education Coordinator, and developed, coordinated and presented a Preceptor course for our hospital.”

Megan Kruse
Lake District Hospital

“Megan has been a nurse leader at our frontier critical access hospital for several years. Stepping in to fill an unexpected and sudden need, Megan precepted 6 junior and 2 senior nursing students, using her own positive experiences from nursing school as inspiration. It was a positive experience for all, and Megan was able to show the versatility and exciting challenges of rural nursing.”

Shirley Lawrence
Asante Health System

“Shirley deserves to be recognized as a preceptor because she truly goes above and beyond. She takes immense pride in her job and genuinely cares for he patients. She rearranged her weekly work schedule to accommodate training and has been available on her off days for any questions. She never makes individuals feel like new hires, but treats everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism.”

Robin Massey
Bay Area Hospital

“Robin is an influencer, acclimating new graduates and experienced nurses to an environment where the stakes are high, and time and accuracy are of essence. She has a knack of recognizing the different developmental stages for both new graduates and experienced nurses. She is astute in tailoring individual learning opportunities to accommodate the growth and developmental needs of her preceptees.”

Colin McGuigan
St. Charles Medical Center

“As a surgical specialty preceptor, Colin proactively seeks opportunities for learning based on student needs and interests as well as core skills. He has a calm demeanor that provides a safe learning atmosphere for his students. He brings positivity to his practice and encourages the people he works with, both students and colleagues, to commit to personal development and caring for our fellow community members.”

Zerek Selby
Legacy Health System

“Zerek really stepped up to the plate and embraced the role of preceptor. He sets a great example for his preceptees and co-workers by exemplifying professionalism at all times with his calm demeanor. He has strong communication skills, using supportive language that builds up our multidisciplinary team and fosters a comfortable learning environment. He is kind, respectful, and supportive of each new nurse.”

Sarah Soria-Machado
McKenzie Willamette
Medical Center

“Sarah is fantastic at giving constructive feedback that builds up the orientee to not diminish their confidence. Sarah also takes on the responsibility of following up with new nurses after their orientation to ensure that they feel supported and have the tools that they need. She is highly invested in both her unit and her practice and pours much of herself into bettering the future of the profession.”

Kimberly Stevens
Sky Lakes Medical Center

“Kimberly not only precepts new employees but is a wonderful resource for the entire hospital. Kim shares her pediatric expertise beyond the walls of our pediatric unit. When a critically ill pediatric patient is being cared for in the Emergency Department or Adult ICU, and needs a higher level of care, Kim provides additional support to the clinical team in those areas. Every moment is a learning opportunity.”

Cristina Tamayo
Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital

“Often, when starting somewhere new, it can be so overwhelming. Cristina is systematic in her preceptor style, making learning that much easier. She is encouraging and supportive during the learning process. She is patient and kind to her patients and her coworkers. Her knowledge and professionalism make co—workers feel comfortable asking questions or for help to problem-solve issues.”

Teresa Thomas

“Teresa is concrete with feedback and affirmations. She fills the slower moments during the shift with education, guiding her students to clinical resources they can return to reference in the future. The bonds she forms with her preceptees are evident when it is time for them to transition towards independent practice and they beg for more time in the program ‘to continue learning from Teresa.’”

Stephanie Vail
Adventist Health Portland

“Stephanie encompasses everything in what it means to be an excellent preceptor. She is kind, patient, caring, and nurturing over our new nurses all while still ensuring they continue to learn and flourish in their new role. She tailors each preceptorship to the individual and works with them to identify learning opportunities early in the orientation process to support an optimal learning environment.”

Jerry Whitmore
PeaceHealth Riverbend

“Jerry is an excellent role model to new nurses as well as current employee, precepting nearly every nurse new to the department. He treats everyone with the same dignity and respect and is always a calming presence. As a preceptor he makes sure he is available to answer any questions about the different surgical procedures seen in PACU. He always explains things in a calm and consistent manner.”

Meredith Willett
VA Portland

“Meredith takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support, expertise, and service to new nurses and students, quickly discerning their individual needs and efficiently providing critical information, recommendations, feedback, and direction. As a preceptor, she educates new nurses to consider the whole person, teaching them to understand what is most important and meets the needs of hospitalized Veterans.”