There are many ways to get involved with the Oregon Center for Nursing.


Nurse Faculty Task Force  -Made up of deans, directors, educators and stakeholders who are committed to ensuring that Oregon’s nursing programs have the teachers necessary to provide quality education to Oregon’s nursing students, the task force discusses ways to address the nurse educator shortage in Oregon.

Nurse Equity Coalition: In 2016, the Oregon registered nurse workforce was 88% White, while the population in Oregon was just 78% White. Join stakeholders interested in improving diversity within Oregon’s nurse workforce.

Behavioral Health Task Force: The lack of behavioral health workforce in Oregon is staggering, and finding access to care is becoming more and more difficult. Nurses are at the frontline of these services, and we are looking for great ideas for how to help more people with mental health needs access care. Volunteers from both education and practice settings are welcome.

Statewide RN Professional Development Task Force: How can we provide workforce development to help nurses at all levels, in all practice settings throughout all of Oregon? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Oregon Action Coalition – The Oregon Action Coalition and its workgroups are focused on advancing the Institute of Medicine Future of Nursing report recommendations in Oregon.  Click here for more information on this work.

OCN Volunteer Interest Form

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