• A New View on Nurse Turnover: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Shocked the System

    October 07, 2021
    OCN Report

    Turnover among the nursing workforce is a global issue with a significant impact on the delivery of high quality care and the financial performance of healthcare systems. High levels of turnover among nurses increase workgroup conflict, decrease unit cohesion, and reduce the performance of those who remain. There is also evidence that nurse turnover in hospitals is associated with increases in patient mortality and failure-to-rescue.

  • Issues Facing the Post-Pandemic Nursing Workforce in Oregon – Stress and Emotional Health

    April 20, 2021
    OCN Report

    Early in the pandemic, much concern was focused on an adequate supply of COVID-19 testing supplies, inventories of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the disruption of the nursing education pipeline as clinical education sites restricted access. Many nurse leaders w...

  • Issues Facing the Post-Pandemic Nursing Workforce in Oregon

    September 03, 2020
    OCN Report

    Oregon ’s nursing workforce has faced many different challenges over time, such as the aging of the population and health care demand related to increased prevalence of chronic conditions. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage states, including Oregon, the challe...

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