The Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN), the state’s leading organization on nursing workforce issues, today released a new infographic, “RN Self-Care Rx,” with self-care information for Oregon’s nurses. The infographic was created in response to the increased stress nurses across the nation are feeling as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Nurses work tirelessly to provide quality care for their patients, but that can take a toll,” said OCN’s Executive Director Jana Bitton. “Research shows almost 30 percent of nurse’s experience PTSD at some point in their career. That stress and trauma can impact work performance and significantly impact a nurse’s life.”

OCN’s new infographic aims to educate and encourage nurses to think about their own self-care, providing a brief list of symptoms nurses might experience, and a list of potential resources.

“The amount of stress on nurses has only increased,” said Bitton. “From nurses actively screening and treating COVID-19 positive patients, to watching nurses in other parts of the world struggle, or experiencing income loss due to furloughs, the pandemic has impacted Oregon’s nurses in many different ways.”


OCN is a nonprofit organization created by nursing leaders in 2002. OCN facilitates research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce to support informed, well-prepared, diverse and exceptional nursing professionals. Recognized by the Oregon state legislature as a state advisor for nursing workforce issues, OCN fulfills its mission through nurse workforce research, building partnerships, and promoting nursing and healthcare.

Jana R. Bitton, MPA
Executive Director


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a .pdf version of the infographic.