RN Well-Being Research and Resources

Research, tools and resources to support nurses’ mental and emotional well-being at a systemic level

The RN Well-Being Project brought together nurses from various areas of expertise to review the known literature and synthesize evidence-based approaches that will support nurses’ mental and emotional well-being at a systemic level. The focus was to address occupational suffering often resulting from unintended barriers in the workplace and a lack of efficiencies in documentation, policies, and procedures that lead to burnout.

­­­­Well-being challenges are unique to each work environment. Organizations must involve nurses in recognizing the nurse stressors that can and should be addressed. Our nurse research committee identified four domains that organizations can improve to strengthen the well-being of the nursing workforce.

Helping Organizations and Systems Center on Nurse Wellness

Well-being efforts don’t have to be monumental shifts or seismic investments. Small, consistent, and intentional efforts to address well-being challenges identified by nurses can have lasting and cascading positive results.

Work System & Labor Model Redesign

Workload Management | Benefits | Communication/Relationships | Culture | Meaningful Recognition Response

Healthy Leadership Driving Healthy Culture

Transformational Leadership | Modeling Well-Being | Communication | Meaningful Recognition Support | Culture

Workplace Well-Being & Safety Infrastructure

Safety & Violence | Health-Seeking Behavior | Breaks & Food Availability | Governance | Meaningful Recognition of Front-Line Staff

Administrative Processes and Professional Practice

Economic Pressures | EHR & Technology Integration | Efficiency Opportunities | Practice Redesigns | Patient Centered-Care

Organizing Efforts Around a Common Goal

Why Wellness

Support Programs


Common Language


Special thanks to our RN Well-Being Project volunteer contributors:

Nicole Bennett DNP, PMHNP, MN  
Willamette Health & Wellness

Cindy Bianchini, DNP, RN, NPD-BC, CNOR(E)
Legacy Health


Jennifer Nidalmia, RN, HNB-BC