The Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN) is preparing to study the demand for nurses in Oregon. Data on the future need for nurses is crucial in planning to meet the health needs of the state’s communities.

“OCN is one of the only independent organizations in Oregon collecting data on the demand for nurses,” said Executive Director, Jana R. Bitton. “We’ve published data on this issue three times, and we’re excited to be able to provide updated information for our partners and stakeholders.

The demand survey will be distributed to more than 300 organizations in key healthcare sectors around the state. Information on vacancy and turnover rates, hard to fill positions, and education requirements will be compiled to provide data companies can use to benchmark their own internal demand for nurses.

“We are working hard to connect with employers to encourage them to participate in this year’s survey,” said Research Director, Dr. Rick Allgeyer. “The information provided by our employer partners is invaluable and we greatly appreciate their involvement and investment in this study.”

The demand survey will launch on Monday, April 2, 2018. Results from the survey will be released later in the year.

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OCN is a nonprofit organization created by nursing leaders in 2002. OCN facilitates research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce to support informed, well-prepared, diverse and exceptional nursing professionals. Recognized by the Oregon state legislature as a state advisory for nursing workforce issues, OCN fulfills its mission through nurse workforce research, building partnerships, and promoting nursing and healthcare.  For more information about OCN, please visit

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Jana R. Bitton, MPA