BrewingtonCommunity Leader Committed to Advancing Nursing in Oregon

by Laura Iwata

Steering Committee member Edward Brewington brings extensive leadership and public service experience to his work with the OAC. Mr. Brewington has served as a senior executive in a variety of industries, including with IBM, KinderCare Learning Centers, Knowledge Learning Corp., and Folo Thru Sports Apparel. Mr. Brewington became interested in lending his organizational skills and experience to the OAC in order to address what he believes is “the critical subject of healthcare and the important role of nursing.”

Mr. Brewington is using his semi-retirement to stay engaged in the causes that mean most to him through volunteer work and teaching. He is currently a faculty member in the School of Business at Marylhurst University, and was recently appointed to serve as an at-large director of the Foundations for a Better Oregon/Chalkboard Project with the goal of improving Oregon’s K-12 educational system. In addition to acting as chair of the OAC membership committee, Mr. Brewington also serves on the eight-member AARP Oregon Executive Council responsible for advising the program on strategic planning and policy within the state. In his free time, Mr. Brewington enjoys playing tennis, practicing Tai Chi, teaching karate, and riding his bike. He practices photography and appreciates “visiting beautiful places both in the U.S. and abroad.”