Meet Kelly Fox, PhD, MSN, RN the member of the OAC Steering Committee and the Head of the Leadership workgroup.  Kelly is a president and owner of Healthcare Professionals of Portland, and also an adjunct instructor at the University of Portland.

After completing her graduate degree, Kelly was looking for an opportunity to get involved in health policy. She learned about OAC working on the Nurses on Boards initiative and decided to join. She feels passionate about the voice of the nursing profession and believes that insights and contributions of nurses assist in the outcome of excellence in the quality and safety of patient care; therefore, the Nurses on Boards agenda was a perfect fit.  “Nurses must be at the board table. Our contributions are vital in this complex time in healthcare,” says Fox.

Kelly has been with the OAC Steering Committee since 2015 and recently had been appointed as the Head of the Leadership workgroup. She enjoys being a part of this passionate group of leaders with great knowledge and insights, and appreciates collaborating with and learning from strong leaders that represent different professional disciplines and backgrounds.  “As the new Head of the Leadership workgroup, my main goal is to make sure we have a shared vision, that is grounded in the IOM Future of Nursing and aligns with the RWJF mission to promote our local culture of health.  I want to establish this foundation through collaboration with community partners.  My second goal is to continue to develop and foster strong leadership and advocacy skills, within the nursing profession, so that the profession is better situated in seats of influence to directly impact our local culture of health,” says Fox.

For Kelly, being a member of the OAC has increased her awareness about the needs of the local community, and the vital impact nursing profession has to offer.  Now, she has a more comprehensive view of the population that she serves, and through this experience, she reminds her students that leadership and influence are an expectation, not an option.

-By Kate Kaznowska