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The Nurse Faculty Task Force is made up of deans, directors, educators and stakeholders who are committed to ensuring that Oregon’s nursing programs have the teachers necessary to provide quality education to Oregon’s nursing students.  Following the release of OCN’s Oregon’s Nurse Faculty Workforce – 2014 Update report, the task force began meeting to discuss ways to address the nurse educator shortage.

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What We’re Working On

Nurse Faculty Shortage SBAR

For those not familiar with the term, “SBAR” stands for Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation.  Originally designed by the US Navy as a communication technique, today SBAR is used by hospitals and care facilities around the world as a simple yet effective way to standardize communication.

Download or view the Nurse Faculty Shortage SBAR [cherry_icon icon=”icon: fa fa-file-pdf-o”]

Oregon’s Nurse Faculty: Why Are They Leaving?

Nursing programs experience extraordinarily high turnover. A 2015 OCN study of nursing licensing data showed that 56% of licensees who said they work working in nursing education in 2011 had left that position by 2014. Anecdotal information about why nurse faculty leave abounds, but with assistance from the Nurse Faculty Task Force and Oregon State Board of Nursing, OCN conducted a study in 2017 to ask educators who had left a teaching position what had motivated them to leave.

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Effective Teaching Demonstrations

We know this has happened to you.  You have found a perfect applicant for the open nurse educator position at your institution. But when the time for the teaching demonstration portion of  the application process, your candidate is flustered, unprepared, or a complete fish out of water?

The Oregon Nurse Faculty Task Force has prepared a short handout with tips on effective teaching demonstrations. Feel free to share with your job applicants.

Download or view Tips for Effective Teaching Demonstrations [cherry_icon icon=”icon: fa fa-file-pdf-o” align=”none”]


Nurse Faculty Partner Summit

Nurse Faculty Summit 2016

Nurse Faculty Summit 2016

One issue the task force identified early on was the need to create a broader awareness of the difficulties recruiting and retaining nurse educators.  The task force hosted a free summit in August 2016 to bring together nursing programs, human resources personnel, administrators and other key stakeholders to discuss nurse educator shortages.

Attended by representatives from 20+ nursing programs in Oregon, the summit was an interactive morning of sharing best practices, discussing current challenges and thinking about future solutions.

Thank you to summit sponsors Lane Community College, Linn-Benton Community College Nursing Alumni Association, Linfield College, Oregon Center for Nursing, and Portland Community College.


Summit Agenda [cherry_icon icon=”icon: fa fa-file-pdf-o”]

Nurse Faculty Partner Summit Notes [cherry_icon icon=”icon: fa fa-file-pdf-o”]