Navigating The Nursing Workforce


As the state’s leading advocacy organization on behalf of the nursing profession, the Oregon Center for Nursing (OCN) remains focused this year on trends and issues that impact the nursing workforce and its ability to meet the evolving health care needs of all Oregonians. It is fitting that our work in 2020 aligns so well with the worldwide celebration of nurses as part of The International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife declared by the World Health Organization.

The international celebration of nurses is an acknowledgement of how essential nurses have always been to global health. Here in Oregon, we still strive to ensure that the right kind of nurse is in the right place to provide the right care at the right time. That’s what we at OCN mean when we proclaim our 2020 theme:

Navigating the Nursing Workforce

Education, training, workforce readiness, and employment incentives are all vital to ensuring that we can successfully navigate shifts in the health care landscape and transitions within the nursing profession. Recently, we surveyed hundreds of nurses across diverse fields in our state and we learned how much they rely on OCN to do the research and provide the data on nursing workforce issues:

  • Nursing educators shape curriculum based on that research.
  • Employers watch the trends in making nurse hiring decisions and staff development.
  • Policy makers rely on the data to develop public health policies.
  • Nurses trust that we are keeping on top of hiring trends as they transition in their own careers.

In 2020 and the decade ahead, we will continue to be your trusted source of information to navigate through the transitions and disruptions in health care. We all share the same goal—to ensure that Oregonians can access the health care they need and advocate nobly for the role of nurses.