Meet Our 2023 Outstanding Nurse Preceptors

Celebrating Nurse Preceptors Across Oregon in 2022

Each year, the Oregon Center for Nursing recognizes and honors the critical role our nurse preceptors play in the next generation of nursing professionals. These dedicated professionals offer feedback, teach hospital policies, and evaluate competencies. A strong preceptor relationship can set novice nurses on a path to a successful and long career. Meet ten of Oregon’s outstanding nurse preceptors, nominated as our Outstanding Nurse Preceptors for 2023!

Monica “Mo” Burke, RN, BSN
Adventist Health Portland

“Monica is an amazing preceptor. She has trained multiple new nurses to our ICU from various backgrounds and was able to teach them in ways they understand.”

Lilly Roe, RN, CMSRN
Grande Ronde Hospital

“Lilly exhibits excellent knowledge and depth in experience as well as a natural leadership ability. This manifested in a preceptor-preceptee relationship that was both safe and profoundly educational.”

Bridgit Paxton, RN, BSN
Samaritan Health

“She is so knowledgeable and kind that I never felt uncomfortable asking for help. She inspired confidence in me as a nurse, and I am thankful to continue working with her.”

Amanda Fich, LPN
Vibra Specialty Hospital

“Amanda’s dedication and compassion to giving only the highest quality of care to all of her patients makes her truly one of a kind and an inspiration to all.”

Delaney Hubbard, RN, BSN
Providence Medical Group

“Delaney is an excellent nurse, and she has precepted multiple new grad nurses in primary care clinics that require experienced nurses as clinic RNs.”

Priya Ponniah, RN
Kaiser Permanente 

“Priya Ponniah has oriented tons of people over her career (the last 30 years at Kaiser) and is moments away from retirement. She is very easy, kind, and gentle. Orientees really enjoy working with her.”

Sarah Williams, RN
Hillsboro Medical Clinic

“Sarah seeks out educational opportunities as well as in-depth reviews with her preceptees to optimize their learning. There is never a moment that Sarah is not thinking about what is best for her students, residents, and other fellow nurses.”

Jennifer Ditter, MSN, RN, CEN
Salem Health

“What separates Jennifer from the others is her commitment to the preceptee, and to patient safety. Considering those she precepts, that dedication and commitment truly shows.”

Damion Blair, RN, BSN
Oregon State Hospital

“What sets Damion apart from other preceptors is his commitment to everyone’s professional development and growth. He challenges us all to reconsider our own nursing practice in a more engaged and proactive way.”

Ana Leon Alvarado, RN
Sky Lakes Medical Center

“There are team members you work with that you just want to clone… Ana is that person. As a preceptor, she is always teaching and always learning. She is focused, knowledgeable, and approachable.”

Alex Johnson, RN, BSN
Bay Area Hospital

“Alex takes the time to teach concepts and is never dismissive, rather, she takes time to ensure she is meeting the learning needs of each person she precepts.”

Katrina McKnight, RN
Grande Ronde Hospital  

“What makes Katrina such a great preceptor is that she is always willing and happy to orient new staff. She has a can-do attitude and she provides a safe place for learning and growth.”

Terry Hankins, RN
Pacific Healthcare Training 

“She has a passion for what she does, and it shows. are all grateful for her loving heart, and she was absolutely meant to be an instructor.”

Kirk Constantine, RN, CCRN

“As a float pool nurse, Kirk’s nurturing attitude, collaborative leadership, and deep clinical wisdom in a unit that he is not core staff on is nothing short of incredible.”

Samantha Allen, RN, BSN
St. Charles Health

“Sam is a wealth of knowledge and a very caring nurse. She ensures that the preceptees have a great learning experience while ensuring they meet competency.”

Kaitlin Scheid, RN, BSN 
Legacy Health

“Her orientees have expressed gratitude for her taking the time to answer questions and understand individual learning styles, provide support with new skills, and receiving positive and constructive feedback that doesn’t feel harsh.”

Jennifer Drayton, FNP-C
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians Community Clinic

“Jen demonstrates an exceptional commitment to nursing education and mentorship and has made a lasting impact on me and my future practice.”

Anna Fischer, RN, BSN
St. Charles Health

“When I was a brand new RN, Amanda made sure she always had my back no matter the situation. She supported me and mentored me… and made me feel like I was part of something amazing.”

Phonevilay Heuangsackda, RN, Kaiser Permanente

“She is an exceptional nurse who sets the bar high for patient care and safety…Phonevilay leads by example and demonstrates her passion for process improvement and high-quality care.”

Mary Ann Peck, RN, BSN
Adventist Health Portland

“Mary Ann jumps at the opportunity to precept nursing students and welcomes them as part of our team. She takes a supportive and nurturing approach while challenging her students to problem-solve and learn critical thinking skills.”

Randi Movich, RN, BSN
Winding Waters Clinic

“Randi leads students while caring for clients in multiple settings and contexts, teaching and demonstrating top-of-license nursing practice in the primary care setting.”

Katie Stebbins, RN, BSN
Legacy Health – Good Samaritan

“Katie approaches precepting with intention and excellence. She has demonstrated commitment to her own professional development and that of her preceptees.”

Harry Huang, RN

“Harry is very supportive of those he mentors. He also offers many opportunities for questions and provides answers that are easy to grasp while being extremely thorough.”

Kindra Wey, RN, CHPN
Partners in Care 

“She has a passion for hospice and is a natural-born teacher. It did not take long for her to become our best preceptor. Kindra loves the enthusiasm of new employees and new grads.”