March 2022 Student Huddle Summary

A gathering of Oregon nursing students to share timely updates and share insights from peers and stakeholders.

Topics of Discussion:

RN Residency Programs. Students graduating in May are beginning to think more and more about RN residency programs. We had a guest recruiter from St. Charles Health System graciously provide information about their newly launched program, sharing that their med-surg residency will begin in August and their specialty residency will begin in September. Students were able to ask transition to practice questions and share concerns about the application process. Among the questions were how can students find out about these opportunities and how do students get past the pre-screening questions when they don’t have a license, yet. Students were encouraged to look at the list of employers offering residency programs on OCN’s website. Recruiter names and contact information are often listed for students to reach out to with questions. St. Charles indicated that their residency applications open typically 90 days in advance and provided the advice to ask yourself if you will meet the minimums by the respective date stipulated for the position that you are applying for. If so, indicate that you do (will) hold a license.

What Would it Take? A conversation that was in a recent Friday Huddle was brought to the Student Huddle today. Students were asked what they would be looking for in an employer not only for initial employment but for long-term employment. Some of the responses were longer periods of support with a preceptor/mentor, supportive unit culture, performance feedback, room for growth and leadership pathways, teamwork, positive work environments, and diversity. The conversation ended with a heavy interest in looking for employers who will invest and value their employees via opportunities for continued education, flexible scheduling, and who show genuine effort to work with employees on a human level.

A Bit of Positivity. Students expressed some gratitude today. Most of the students are impressed by the amount of collaboration and interprofessional dynamic that they are seeing in their precepted experiences. They appreciate the units, the preceptors, and conversations that positively recognize their efforts, stress, and milestones. Student Huddlers acknowledge that they are entering a field of burnout in a tumultuous time, but if there is transparency and a dedicated conversation with a path forward, they wholeheartedly sign up for the challenge.


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Residency Programs. Do you have questions about when a residency program will open for applications? OCN maintains a list of residency and transitions-to-practice programs at Oregon facilities. Find the employer you are interested in on the list and click through to their site. Most listings will have the recruiter’s contact information where you can reach out and ask questions about their program availability and application process.

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