Friday Huddle

friday huddles

It started as a weekly Zoom call in the midst of a pandemic.
Now it’s a growing community.


Information is a critical commodity in these rapidly changing times. With a mission to facilitate research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce, OCN began weekly online Friday Huddles in 2020.

Educators, clinicians, policymakers and stakeholders across Oregon gather weekly to discuss and share information, data and strategies to navigate the nursing workforce. At the request of our Friday Huddlers, we created an online community to facilitate communication and connection for our members.

Ways To Connect:


Some of our most recurring themes in 2021 were:

  • Vaccination and COVID – This topic’s lifecycle evolved with the pandemic. Vaccination was a conversation that took place every month, beginning with vaccination availability and changing through the stages of eligibility, roll-out, hesitancy, mandates, and exemptions. Similarly, the topics of COVID misinformation, testing, treatments, census, and communication strategies also evolved.
  • Students & Clinical PlacementsSimulation and non-traditional placement opportunities increased in volume due to the uncertainty of clinical placement availability. In some locations, nurse faculty shortages and clinical placement availability forced a reduction in class sizes. Other topics of focus were student utilization, vaccine mandates, stress, and transition to practice.
  • Staff ShortagesTurnover and shortages plagued nearly every area of practice in all parts of the state. Strategies to manage shortages included emergency authorizations, onboarding adjustments, preceptor acknowledgment, recruiting travelers, and engaging the National Guard. Turnover prevention strategies included embeddedness, salaries, and addressing workplace inefficiencies.
  • Regulation Updates – Our partners at Oregon Health Authority and the Board of Nursing regularly attended to update our audiences on changes to mask and vaccine mandates, emergency authorizations, as well as other regulatory changes as they occurred.
  • Work Environments – Collaborative discussions regarding strategies for crisis standards of care, team-based delivery of care, workplace violence prevention, alternative schedules, remote work, and staff retention took place.
  • Nurse Identity, Well-being & BurnoutReports were shared to spotlight nurse fatigue, stress, and resilience which gave way to many shared resources on RN Well-Being from mindfulness strategies to burnout interventions. Nurse delegation and licensure often led to a more robust conversation regarding nurse identity.

Join us in 2022 as the conversation continues!
Insights from the 2020  discussions are available in our online community under Resources.


I huddle to gain validation that my organization is not alone in our response to the COVID pandemic and to get new information to share with my department.

Melody Routley

Kaiser Permanente

I appreciate OCN doing this to provide us a platform to be informed about the unfolding details that impact our ability to operate our organizations and provide care to the people of Oregon. Thank you!

Casey Shillam

University of Portland

I like hearing what people are doing around the state and having access to different people from a variety of organizations. Student nurses are our pipeline and I also like to know what is going on in the programs.

Anne Hansen

Asante Health