Friday Huddle

friday huddles

It started as a weekly Zoom call in the midst of a pandemic.
Now it’s a growing community.


Information is a critical commodity in these rapidly changing times. With a mission to facilitate research and collaboration for Oregon’s nursing workforce, OCN began weekly online Friday Huddles in 2020.

Educators, clinicians, policymakers and stakeholders across Oregon gather weekly to discuss and share information, data and strategies to navigate the nursing workforce. At the request of our Friday Huddlers, we created an online community to facilitate communication and connection for our members.

Ways To Connect:


It began with a pandemic, but over the course of 2020, OCN’s Friday Huddles covered a range of topics, including social unrest, activism and wildfire responses. Some of our most recurring themes were:

  • Staffing – Topics of conversation have ranged from how to redistribute staff to meet surging case numbers, how to accommodate staff requests related to childcare and homeschooling, and how/when to have staff quarantine post-COVID exposure.
  • Case Surges – Throughout the year we’ve listened as various regions of the state have handled increasing case numbers.
  • Recruitment Strategies – As partners across the state have adapted to a more remote work environment we’ve discussed recruitment challenges including group interviews, pre-screenings and drive-thru job fairs.
  • Clinical Placement Availability and Alternatives – As facilities responded to case surges, nursing programs have developed and honed alternative clinical placement opportunities for students including simulation, virtual simulation and non-traditional clinical placement opportunities.
  • Nursing Regulation Changes – Our partners at the Board of Nursing have been faithful attendees, providing updates on regulation changes and emergency authorizations to assist healthcare providers and educators, while protecting the public.
  • Test Access As guidelines about COVID testing are updated, facilities and schools have shared how and when individuals are tested.
  • Mental Health/Burnout/Resilience – Resources to support the well-being of students, faculty and healthcare providers was discussed regularly.

Join us in 2021 as the conversation continues!


I huddle to gain validation that my organization is not alone in our response to the COVID pandemic and to get new information to share with my department.

Melody Routley

Kaiser Permanente

I appreciate OCN doing this to provide us a platform to be informed about the unfolding details that impact our ability to operate our organizations and provide care to the people of Oregon. Thank you!

Casey Shillam

University of Portland

I like hearing what people are doing around the state and having access to different people from a variety of organizations. Student nurses are our pipeline and I also like to know what is going on in the programs.

Anne Hansen

Asante Health