Employee Well-being Improvement Project

Hospital | Hermiston, OR


The specific well-being challenges this project aims to address are the consistent downplaying of personal needs and stress management in nurses and support staff. 92% of those surveyed at Good Shepherd have personally experienced or seen a coworker experience a work-related stressor in the past year. The project will contract with a local Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) who will perform individual counseling sessions and lead group counseling sessions on-site with virtual options available. The goal is for employees to develop personal coping mechanisms to handle workplace stressors. Good Shepherd Health Care System is a 501c3 non-profit, critical access hospital located in Hermiston, Oregon. The target audience is all nurses and support staff who work in this rural, under-resourced and underrepresented location. Success will be determined if the project shows a clear connection between counseling sessions and increased employee well-being. The intended ultimate goal is to continuously improve project participant well-being during the entirety of the 24-month grant and far beyond its completion.