The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health report proclaimed, “Nurses should be full partners with physicians and other health care professionals in redesigning health care.”  Jake Creviston, RN, DNP, PHMNP-BC endorses this statement, and recently presented on this topic to graduate students at the University of Portland’s DNP “Policy and Politics for the Nurse Leader” class.

“Though crucial members of the health care team, nurses are frequently absent from health policy and governance boards,” Creviston told students.  He said time, desire and lack of preparation are the biggest barriers to policy and governance engagement.  The Oregon Action Coalition’s efforts to address these issues to get more nurses on boards is a step in the right direction.

Students drove the conversation even deeper. Inspired by the comment that nurses frequently discount themselves and their profession, one student remarked that Creviston did just that multiple times during his presentation. Creviston agreed with the criticism and added, “This is exactly the type of commentary nursing needs to improve our leadership.  As professionals, we must hold each other accountable to how we portray ourselves and nursing.”

Local and national efforts aim to amplify nursing’s voice, but most of the work starts with the individual,” he added.

Dr. Creviston thanks Dr. Amber Vermeesch, Dr. Casey Shillam and the UP DNP students for inspiring an innovative nursing leadership conversation.