Data Optimization

Technology, tools, and data strategies can optimize resources and workflows to reduce burdens and stressors in the workplace. Some considerations that organizations can make are:

  • Assess the current capacity to use technology and data to optimize efficiency. (1)
  • Include direct-care staff in decisions that impact their practice environments and workflows when acting on data-informed plans (1)
  • Intentionally collaborate with direct-care staff to develop, test, and implement innovative measures to streamline processes and reduce burden. (2)
  • Identify redundant data collected across platforms and find ways to integrate technology to streamline a single collection point. (3)
  • Use technology to better estimate scheduling needs and allow flexibility for shifts by converting scheduling away from manual inputs for day-to-day staffing. (1)
  • Digitize competency to inform staffing decisions electronically, which can help predict staffing that will minimize assignment frustration. (1)
  • Perform analytics to identify staff engagement trends and potential burnout indicators to enhance efforts in creating a healthy workplace environment. (1)
  • Align all stakeholders to support nurses with timely resources using technology and data to guide decisions. (1)
  • Support a meaningful recognition culture by integrating data to facilitate triggers that lead to recognition moments. (1, 4)


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