The Immigrant Nurse Credentialing (INC) Program, a new RN re-entry program approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN), is a partnership between WorkSystems, Inc. and the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO).

“Internationally educated nurses are often underemployed given their educational and professional backgrounds and until now, have had few options to achieve their RN licensure in the US. The INC Program is designed to prepare internationally educated nurse for licensure and employment in the US healthcare system through the delivery of a 12 month re-entry program” explains Isabelle Soulé, PhD, RN, INC Program Manager.

Efforts to eliminate health disparities and healthcare disparities underscore the need for having a multicultural, multilingual healthcare workforce. The benefit of this diversity can strengthen delivery of services, improve understanding between client, family, and provider, and result in culturally acceptable plans of care. Cultural and linguistic needs of clients and their families are positively impacted with such a culturally diverse workforce. The INC Program’s first cohort will begin in January 2018. For more information please contact INC Program Specialist Cathy Boucher at

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