Board Recruitment

OCN’s Board of Directors Needs You

As a nonprofit organization, the Oregon Center for Nursing is governed by a board of directors. Our board members work with staff to provide high-level strategy, oversight and accountability for the organization. Additionally, our board members are critical in assisting staff with outreach and advocacy for the nursing workforce.

In accordance with the OCN bylaws and operating procedures, the majority of our board members are registered nurses or licensed practical nurses, though there are seats available for non-nurse partners. The OCN Board strives to represent a variety of nurse practice settings, roles and geographic areas in Oregon, as well as representing the ethnic and racial diversity of the nursing workforce in Oregon.

OCN’s board of directors meets up to 6 times a year. Board members also serve on committee which meet up to 6 times a year. Most meetings are held virtually to include board members located across the state.

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