April 2022 Student Huddle Summary

A gathering of Oregon nursing students to share timely updates and share insights from peers and stakeholders.

Topics of Discussion:

Recruiting Events. Student Huddlers were asked how and when they are getting exposed to career opportunities. Some students reported that their campus recruiting events are still being held in a virtual space. Others responded that in-person events are held but with sparse turnouts, or that they don’t get exposed to career opportunities through their school. One student commented that they just “assumed it was a fend for yourself thing.”  The Oregon Center for Nursing residency webpage and following health systems on LinkedIn were cited as two main sources students are using to find job and residency information.

Generalists vs. Specialists. Some students have already selected which specialty they intend to practice post-graduation. They expressed frustration at the inability to take multiple courses or receive advanced training related to their selected specialty. Joining professional organizations was cited as a great way to network with specialty groups while being in school. Many have special membership rates for student nurses.

Nurse Intern License. The Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) will be recruiting for the Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) related to the new nurse intern license.  OSBN anticipates having the RAC available for the public on their website by the beginning of May. Student Huddlers are highly encouraged to apply for the RAC and provide a student perspective on this important new license. Students interested in participating should email their interest to Tracy Thompson at OSBN.

In-Person Learning Transition. Students shared that being in person and seeing faces on campuses and in classrooms has been exciting but awkward. Some students admitted that the transition has been strange because they aren’t sure when it’s appropriate to speak in class. Also mentioned was that the level of engagement hasn’t quite been what they expected. Some schools are having difficulty filling career fairs, webinars, and learning sessions with students. Other schools reported that their engagement levels have seen significant increases over the last two months.

New Grad Feedback. Many students keep in touch with recent new graduates from their programs. Students shared new graduates that went into residency programs tend to sound more optimistic about their transition into the nursing profession. Some students commented that they want to stay in the profession for a long time and feel that a residency program will offer the best support. Other students felt that the adjustments they’ve made as students during COVID have prepared them for any setting.


Volunteer Month. National Volunteer Month is celebrated in April and many Student Huddlers are volunteering in their communities and within their schools. OCN maintains a list of available volunteer links to help you get connected in your community.

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